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This Week at Emmanuel

(July 21)

Sunday Worship

"A Truckload of Outrageous Dependability", Col 3:1-4
July 27th at 10:00 a.m., Heidi Greider, preaching
This Week's Order of Worship

Emmanuel Presbyterian Church Vacation Bible School

Kids join us for a fun week of Adventure.  The journey begins in the SonQuest Rainforest.   
Explore gardening, puppets, video production, and much more,
July 28 - 31st from 9:00-11:30 a.m.
Contact the church office for a registration form and further information.

Upcoming Events

Emmanuel's Annual Rummage Sale

August 22nd & 23rd

Doors Open at 9:00 a.m.

This year’s rummage sale proceeds will go towards the replacement for our aging grand piano. 
  In addition to the rummage sale we will be serving lunch & home baked pies, having a bake sale,
selling Italian sodas and plants.

Drop-in-Center Inauguration - October 4, 2014
10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. at Emmanuel Presbyterian Church
One hot shower and one cold wash offered to each person/family at attendants' discretion.  

Look for our donation box in the Narthex August 15, 2014

~We Need~

Brown Paper Bags
Granola Bars
Juice Packs

Detergent for a front loading washer.

Please, help us to do a new thing!

For further information please contact the church.




Monthly Message from Pastor Dave

July, 2014

One of my memories of childhood is a drawer in a table in my grandmother’s home that held all sorts of small toys. It was one of those places in her home that was “fair game” for the kids. We could go there, no questions asked, no permission needed, in order to find something with which we could amuse ourselves. One of the things that I liked to do when I went to this drawer was to take out all of the contents in order to see if anything new had been added. I would then order the chaos of this collection as I put the pieces back in the drawer, grouping the toys in categories and attempting to get them to fit so that they could all be seen without having to empty the contents of the drawer.

It will probably come as no surprise when I tell you that from one visit to the next the drawer rarely maintained the beauty and the symmetry I brought to it. Invariably I would open the drawer and discover that my way of configuring its contents was something neither appreciated nor maintained by the other users of the drawer. The chaos I had remedied on the previous visit had usually returned. So I would take up my mission of organization once again. Like Sisyphus pushing his rock up the hill only to watch it roll back down again, I would return to my familiar, but futile, attempt to bring order to the chaos of this drawer.

I of course have had therapy to unpack the pathology of this.., but I mention it now because it is an image of something that occupies a big part of our waking hours in life. We spend a sizeable portion of our days collecting, organizing and trying to make sense of the fragments of our busy lives. If we can just see them all in one place, if we can know what we have and easily access it, then we think that life will run more smoothly. We can save time, we can eliminate stress, we can be more helpful to others and ourselves, when life is orderly and all its pieces are in their proper place.

But invariably life happens and the order we brought to things devolves into chaos. Our attempts to hold things together are found wanting and we have to return to the task we thought we had already accomplished. There is no end to the process of randomization and fragmentation and therefore the organizers of the world are never lacking for work.

Part of the reason we have this need to bring order out of chaos is that we are made in the image of One who did just this. But while we were made by God and in God’s image, we are not God and our capacity to hold things together is nowhere near God’s. And frankly, this is good news. For what it tells us is the gracious truth that we don’t have to be gods ourselves and can therefore allow ourselves to be held by the One God who holds all things together.

It’s hard to watch the dismantling of the work we have done to order things. But there is also a large measure of grace available to us in the face of this pain. There is good news in having hands that are too small to hold everything. There is freedom in knowing that we don’t have the capacity to devise and maintain systems that completely prevent chaos from doing its randomizing work. Because there is One who is holding us, we can know the liberty of not having to hold it all together.

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